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17 March 2014


Natives release debut album 'Indoor War' on Transmission Recordings.

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Featuring singles 'Can't Say No' & 'This Island', Indoor War tells the story of a character called Alvima who suffers a huge loss and can’t deal with the pain. He decides that from this moment on, he will live his life making decisions based upon logic and science rather than emotions

31 March 2014


Alan Fitzpatrick's remix of The Adventures of Stevie V's 'Dirty Cash' was released TODAY exclusively on Beatport.


Remixes to come from So Called Scumbags, Virgin Magnetic Material, Tainted Souls & Loverush UK.





31 March 2014


Delta3 release 'In Your Eyes' through Transmission, exclusively on Beatport.


Following on from their recent chart success with their remix of Lost Witness track 'Our Suns Rising', Delta3's first original offering on the label features soaring melodies and stunning vocals from the powerful Jenny Jones. Click here to buy it now.

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